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Nandavara Shri Vinayaka Shankarnarayana Durgamba Temple


                                      Current Events                                     Administrative Committee             


 Sajipa Munnur of Bantwal Taluk, Karnataka

 Dedicated To

 Lord Shri Vinayaka Shankara Narayana

 Managing Trustee 

 Sri A.C.Bhandary 


Nandavara Shri Vinayaka Shankarnarayana

                   Durgamba Temple

    The temple is fascinating not only as artistic expressions of the

past but also as living religious institutions where traditions are

integral to the life of the people.

Temple :

   Shri Vinayaka Shankara Narayana Temple at Shri Kshethra Nandavara in Sajipa Munnur of Bantwal Taluk is the Sanctum-Sanctorum of thousands of devotees spread over this sacred and spiritual land.

        Change is the order of time. With the passage of time everything changes as per this natures rule and natural deterioration automatically sets in. Inspite of this natural deterioration the Kshethra's has maintained its OLD GLORY through its numerous religion and social activities highlighting the Kshethra's   committment to its thousands of devotees spread across the coasts of sacred Nethravathi.

        The newly built all purpose "NANDA DEEPA" AUDITORIUM, "AKHAYA, NEYHRAVATHI", which caters to the Mid-day meals "ANNAPOORNA" the spacious new Bhojanashala "The Community Tower", have all added new glory to the historically famous Kshethra.

        Devotees whole-hearted participation and involvement have been instrumental in the grandiose conduct of the age-old JATHRA MAHOTSAVA and many other relegious activities pumping in the timely and much needed spiritual adrenaline in to the Kshethra.

        It is the ardent belief of the Devotees of the Kshethra that the "Serving Community is Serving God" that there is no better way of serving God than serving community. 'Janata Seve Janardhana Seve' has been redefined in the Kshethra literally, through community friendly schemes like "FREE MEDICAL CHECK-UP CAMP", the most novel, unique and much admired programme 'YOUR SCHOOL - OUR HELP' that have caught the imagination of one and all - winning the multi and rightly deserved acclaim for the innovative social committment and gestures.

        A 'Good Beginning' has been made and this is only the beginning. It is all up to you, the Philanthropic and good-hearted religious devotees to continue the good work from here. There is much to be done, at lot more to be accomplished. The Administrative Committee is all set to give the 'SHRI KSHETHRA' an altogether new-dimension, befitting its historical and mythological background.

        RELIGION brings people from all works of life much closer together. "PRATHISTHA ASTHA BANDHA - BRAHMA KALASHA MAHOTSAVA" from time immemorial is believed to elevate the sanctity and holyness of a Kshethra, which in turn will be spilled over to the devotees to reap rich harvest of cultural, spiritual and material benifits. And that is exactly what we, the humble but most dedicated Administrative Committee has planned to do now. The work is already started and is in progress.

        These are all planned at an estimate budjet of Rs. 65 Lacks Plus. The task certainly seems Gigantic. But the supreme faith in the presiding Lord and utmost belief in your whole hearted support and involvement certainly makes a task not so daunting at all. It is only 'Little Drops of water that makes a mighty Ocean' . Likewise a little help and involvement from each one of you will make this Gigantic Mission of Prathistha-AsthaBandha and Brahma Kalasha Mahotsava a reality to be cherished by all in February 2005.

        Please come out and contribute your mite generously for this just and noble cause and be the chosen one in invoking the blessing of the Lord.

        Please also hold the Brahma Kalasha at Rs. 555/- per Kalasha, very dear to your heart and home, that will usher in a new era of Happiness, Peace and Bounty for you and your family.

        We have no doubt that the mission will be SUCCESSFUL REALITY through your enthusiastic participation and involvement physically, mentally and financially.

                                                                                                                 Sri A.C. Bhandary

                                                                                                                 Managing Trustee

                                                                                                                 and Brahma Kalashosasthva Samithi

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